Perspective: Day Six

the blind receive their sight . . . (Matthew 11:5 ESV)


Imagination is real. It is a way of seeing. It can be lacked or it can be labeled overly active. I need it to see inside my head. Imagination leads me to worlds, ideas and solutions that I would not have thought of logically. I am not saying logic and imagination are enemies. I am saying they need each other. They aid us in navigating the world around us and help us to perceive our inner sanctum. Imagination is dangerous–it can lead to new perspectives.

A definition often gives me greater insight.

Imagination (n): the ability to think of new things, something that only exists or happens in the mind, creative ability, the ability to confront or deal with a problem, the thinking or active mind (from http://www.m-w.com)

To me to not have access to imagination might be like being blind. But even blindness does not need to be an obstacle to creative practice. I heard about Sargy Mann through a mixed-media artist that I enjoy on YouTube, Carolyn Dube. So today, I am linking you to two short documentaries about his journey with creativity and blindness. After that, I have linked to Carolyn’s experiment with painting with a blindfold.

Sargy Mann

BBC Version of Sargy Mann

Painting Blind

Here’s your prompt for today:

I can’t imagine . . .

Now try it this way:

I can imagine . . .

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