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Germinate: To Come Into Being

Now the parable is this: 
The seed is the word of God. 
(Luke 8:11 ESV)

I love how God’s Word is full of metaphors, symbols and object lessons. One of the most common themes of the Scriptures is the idea of germination; the ability of God to bring into being that which did not exist. After He created the earth and all its inhabitants, He breathed life into a man made of soil. He formed a woman out of this same man. And then He invited them to “be fruitful and multiply.” When they failed to believe God’s goodness, He sent them out of the garden, yet the ability to bear children and to cultivate plants remained part of their lives. 

And in the midst of the curses, God promised a seed, an off shoot who would defeat the serpent. The promise perennially appeared in the lives of Abraham, Issac and Jacob, as God expanded their understanding that the seed would come from their lineage. And the root of Jesse, one of the household of David would come to bring light and salvation to all nations. 

One little seed gave His life to multiply grace across the world, germinated by the Holy Spirit in our hearts.

In 30 Ways to Wake Up Your Quiet Time, Pam Farrel harvests spiritual object lessons from her every day life:

Quiet times are a great time for object lessons. Howard Hendricks in his book Living by the Book points out that everyday items can be used as bridges of application. When Jesus taught a parable–consider this fig tree . . . a man was sowing a seed . . . a woman lost a coin–he was using mundane objects to capture our imaginations and communicate great truths.

In the simple, God’s wisdom can be profound. Ask God to use the everyday to connect you to his heart. Every day.

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What seed of truth has God been 
establishing in your heart this year?

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